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The main difference between granite slabs and quartz slabs is, granite is a natural stone, quarried, cut and polished for aesthetic purposes. While quartz is a manufactured product, predominately made up of natural quartz, which typically has a more consistent aesthetic.

Granite is a hard, dense stone that typically performs well in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as in outdoor applications. It is porous and has natural inclusions including but not limited to, fissures, texture variations, color variations and variation in shade.

Quartz is a hard, dense stone that typically performs well in kitchens and bathrooms, but should not be used in outdoor applications. It is not porous like a natural stone, so it is more stain resistant, but it does have issues with heat (hot pots, countertop appliances, etc…). Quartz does offer a more consistent aesthetic then most natural stone, as well as colors that nature can’t create and you do avoid a lot of the natural characteristics referenced above.

Unfortunately, Marble Palace does not stock natural marble. Our name comes from our origins as a cultured marble shop, but we continue that tradition on today with our offering of engineered marble. Engineered marble is a manufactured product, made in a similar process as making quartz slabs, but with marble as the predominate material used in manufacturing. Engineered marble is a great solid surface option for all bathroom applications and laundry rooms.

Quartzite is a strong, dense stone, with beautiful natural movement and veining. Known for its durability, quartzite has natural heat resistance, as well being resistant to etching and scratching. Though both are beautiful options for your kitchen or bath project quartzite and quartz are very different materials.

Most natural stones, including but not limited to: granite, marble and quartzite should be sealed and resealed annually or per the recommendations of the sealer purchased, post installation. Most quartz products have very little porosity and do not need to be sealed, but always check with the manufacturer recommendations.

For regular daily cleaning, antibacterial soap and a sponge is your best course of action. You can also use nonabrasive cleaners, designed specifically for stone. Most big box/hardware stores offer different options for that specific type of product.

Like most manufactured items, cars, bikes, appliances, etc… there is an entry level, a moderate level and a high-end price point offering. Several factors contribute to this pricing variance including but not limited; where the products is made (the US, Asia, Europe), what material goes into the product, where are those materials sourced, etc…That said, for most customers, the most obvious thing is purity of the body color, the quality of the movement and the overall finish of the material.

You don’t have to replace your sink while replacing your countertops, but we would highly recommend it.

Replacing your sink will insure that you get proper fit and finish on your replacement, which is nearly impossible post installation.

There are several sink options including but not limited to top mount, under mount, farmhouse/apron front and dual mount.

Very simply, a top mount sink sits on the top of the countertop typically with a larger metal flange that helps to keep the sink in place, an under mount sink is set underneath the countertop and provides a clean, custom, modern look to your kitchen and a dual mount sink is a hybrid sink that can technically be mounted on top of the counters or underneath, but typically has the best results happen when using the dual mount as a top mount.

A “waterfall edge” is a design that is created when the countertop continues at a 90-degree angle and flows down to the floor, giving the impression of a seamless continuation of the stone surface.

Our typical process is very simple:

Sign our contract agreement, place a 10% deposit down on the project, we will then schedule your project measure, once measured, we will then install your stone.

Typically, we can get a measure tech out to measure your home within  5-10 business days. Once we’ve measured your project, we would start to fabricate your stone the following business day and ultimately schedule your installation within 6-10 business days. Meaning the whole process from contract to install would be complete in less than 3 weeks.

All work from Sales through final installation is performed by Marble Palace employees.

We ask that you wait 24 hours for the adhesive to cure before using your countertops.

We suggest finding a stone specific cleaner with antimicrobial properties for disinfecting purposes.